Burst mode. Use it. Ever press and hold the shutter, and it rapid fires? Most people have come to dread this feature, as it’s easy to inadvertently do, BUT, I’m here to tell you it’s the best phone feature you’re not utilizing.

Since I have multiple kids, the chances of getting decent expressions on BOTH is slim to none. With burst mode, I don’t just take 5 photos, or even 10, 50, or 100. I aim for 200 photos per shot MINIMUM, sometimes going up to 500+, capturing every frame of a few minutes of photography.

The catch. ¬†You gotta take the 5 seconds to pick the best photos right after you do it. Hitting “Select” on the iPhone will bring up an easy way to pull the photo(s) you want, and delete the rest. Train yourself to do this minuscule amount of work right after you burst, and eliminate the risk of missing the perfect shot.

You’re welcome