Covid Free, Guarantee

Imagine a rapid, non-invasive virus detection for the masses

Rapid Wave Technology

Existing military technology repurposed for virus detection


  • 10 Years of DoD experience
  • Patented Explosive detection technology
  • Ability to repurpose for virus detection
  • Currently seeking funding & research partners


AMI R&D was founded in 2010 as an affiliate of RAMI, a $50M Michigan antenna company. The New Hampshire Company engaged in multiple research projects for DARPA and DoD, as well as firms such as BAE Systems, Mercury Systems, and iRobot. In 2017, AMI spun off Antenum, a startup company working to bring a new generation of car and satellite antennas to market. The non-antenna technologies belonging to AMI were put on hold while the staff focused on Antenum’s business. The original AMI team is now interested in exploring the use of one of its previously developed technologies in the fight against COVID-19.

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