Mens work

because the women aren’t going to do it


Men. Can’t live with em, but, you kinda have to. Well it doesn’t have to be like this. All over the world, men are redefining what Masculinity means, and it doesn’t have to be terrifying. “Healthy Masculinity” looks like men supporting each other in ways that are honest, real, and sometimes tough. Mens groups offer a container with context for men to ‘check in’ with each other, and have conscious conversation around real topics offering a depth that can be difficult to find in the casual banter that most social groups offer. 

Having a gender specific container creates a certain dynamic that often simplifies things. It creates a space where you can bring relationship issues, and play with concepts you may not have clarity on, in a safe and confidential manner, and then go back to your partner with a more integrated approach. 

Are you showing up in the world the way you want to? Utilize the group to hold yourself accountable for your actions, not through shame, but through a lovingly warrior reflection of your ‘shadows’ to identify your patterns and implement tools to change them. 

If you are interested in “Mens Work”, contact me, I’d love to talk.