2 Evergreen Dr

Kittery ME, 03904

Sam Peret

Critical thinker. People Person. Runs great meetings.

Work Experience

Acadia Leadership Partners | Associate | Oct 2017 - Present
Acadia Leadership Partners offers Profesional Services to companies in the biotech, pharmacovigilance and medical industry. In addition to managing the corporate entity, my responsibilities include designing of marketing automations, building brand assets, and general management of any technology related projects. Designed pitch decks leading to multi-million dollar investments.

Marketing Automation • Fundraising • Pitch Decks

Founders Wanted | CMO | 2015 - Oct 2017
At Founders Wanted, we build companies by matching intellectual property with world class founders, taking a formidable equity stake in the process. On top of running operations for Founders Wanted, which includes finding viable IP and CEO level recruitment, I supported each of the child companies, which include:

    A Machine Learning Neurology company

    A NASA based blasting technology company

    Reaction Chat messaging app

    ATV Safety electronics

    An consumer IoT company

Recruiting • Fundraising • Equity Management

Airbnb | Senior Manager | 2013 - 2015
As a proprietor of the Portland office, I played a critical role in setting standards and expectations of the office and seeding the already strong culture based in the San Francisco office. Participating in a hypergrowth stage, I helped ease the growing pains associated with 1500% YoY growth, designed training courses for employee phone skills and mental health, and worked with in-house architects to design reward winning office space and furniture self manufactured in a community workspace.

Data analysis • Team Building • Leadership

T.A.F.A. | Artist Manager | 2015 -2016
Representing one of Maui’s top talent, Taryn Alessandro, I helped establish a brand, a business etiquette, and a business methodology, doubling the number of galleries and quadrupling the annual sales.

Database Design • Branding

FuzionFit | Co Founder | 2015 -present
Founding partner of the FuzionFit enterprise, FuzionFit is health gym offering  personal training in a group class setting.

Systems Architecture • Branding • Team Building

Cloud Nurv | Co Founder | 2012 - 2013
Joining forces with Perth’s most motivated and technologically savvy entrepreneurs, we set off to provide cloud services to Australia’s mining and business sector. Providing VoIP consulting, service and sales for cloud based services.

International Business • System Architecture • Sales

Whaleback Systems | Network Engineer | 2008-2011
Moving to the heart of the operations as Network Engineer, I solved problems directly with customers and established proactive measures to increase uptime. I built custom productivity tools, and repeatedly outperformed with customer satisfaction.
Whaleback Systems | Solutions Engineer | 2009-2010
Gaining valuable experience in the engineering department, I brought valuable insight into the sales and marketing department, as I accepted a full time position as Sales Engineer. During this period, I built custom salesforce reporting tools and designed and executed the Whaleback referral program, which created a lead funnel with 10x close rates than any previous program.
Whaleback Systems | Engineering Intern | 2008-2009
Designing Quality Assurance tests for daily system builds, I automated the bulk of my job, allowing me to focus on higher level system improvement and gaining a reputation within the company that I think outside the box and create value. 
Goodtime DJ's | Disc Jockey | 2005 - 2007
Weddings, birthday parties, graduations, whatever your party needs, Sam, the guy in the bow tie was available as New Englands finest Emcee for all your entertainment purposes.

+ 500 Charisma • College gig


KalTech | Founder | 2004 - 2008
Using Linux based open source software, and cutting edge hardware, I designed, built and implemented IP-PBX phone systems for small companies out of my dorm room.

Entrepreneurship • VoIP


AltMBA | 2016
The altMBA is an online leadership and management workshop. Founded in 2015 by bestselling author Seth Godin, the altMBA uses digital tools like Slack, WordPress and Zoom to engage more than 100 students in an intense four-week process. Admission is by application only.
Southern New Hampshire University | 2004-2008
Completing my B.S in Business Administration with the Three Year Business Program, I was able to gain real world business experience, working in teams, and solving real world problems while earning my degree.


SNHU Student Government Association | Vice President
Joining the E-board early as a Sophmore, I chaired the committee for student activity groups, and was the principal organizer for the intercollegiate leadership conference.

Leadership • Governance

Cloudburst | General Manager | 2012 - 2012
A short stint, but worth adding here, was a six month working-holiday at Cloudburst Winery, a biodynamic vineyard run by a Shaman, friend and mentor of mine. While tenting on the land, we developed some of the existing architecture into living units, and helped with the painstakingly manual process of tending the grapes all by hand. At $270/bottle, Cloudburst must be doing something right.
Disaster Relief
1st experience, we showed up to New Orleans 4 weeks after Katrina hit, and integrated ourselves into established work parties, cooking at camps, repairing roofs, and hauling out muck.

2nd experience, we landed in the Phillippines 24 hours after Haiyan Typhoon hit, talked our way onto a military aircraft, and established emergency supply routes in Taclaban and converted a rampaged hospital into a working medic treatment and hosting facility.

Flight Junkies PPG Pilot Training Program
Trancending the ordinary limitations of 2D travel, I bought a powered paraglider and strapped it to my back to join the league of airborne aviation pilots. Receiving personal training from the industries leading trainer, Captain Kurt, I completed my 7 day training in the fields of Idaho.
Facilitator with the Mankind Project
Training the men of the 21st century, I empower men to reclaim their power, by learning the tools of emotional intelligence, vulnerability, and how to change the story of the thoughts that drive our lives.