Let’s get real

Sounds terrifying, I know.

But secretly, deep down, it’s what everyone is craving.

It’s the deep breath you take when someone finally opens up.

It’s like swimming. No one wants to jump in the cold water, but once you’re in for 5 seconds, everyone’s having a good time.

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to shove your team into the water. That’s what I do. 

If you’re wanting “more” from your team… More teamwork, more connection, more depth…

I’ve got an experience for you.


    Offering a range of experiences suited for corporate, personal and group transformation, I can help guide your journey towards greater authenticity, and greater joy.

    See you in the water.



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    Sam Peret

    I appreciated the progression and flexibility/fluidity over the course of the day. I appreciated how it evolved into colleagues making their own personal affirmations and declarations as to what we needed (going forward) as a collegial / professional group.

    Let’s do it again! This spring!

    -Berwick Academy

    I am amazed that a group can become so close, supportive, and bond in such a short amount of time. You created a safe environment where I felt able to let go and examine parts of my soul that are normally covered,  ignored, or abandoned. The experience has enriched my sense of self, and opened up pathways I would not otherwise have known. It also gives me a renewed sense of connection and faith in others.

    -Joe McCune